OMG Volume Leave-in Conditioner
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OMG Volume Leave-in Conditioner

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Kiwi/Starfruit scented leave in conditioner, fortified with our M+ Cocktail of Maqui Berries, Bamboo extract, our signature blend of Super fruits, and our Protein Complex along with Yucca Root to deliver a mega dose of potent antioxidants and vitamins to fortify, nourish add volume and restore hair from the inside out.

The result: Silky smooth, thicker, fuller locks with major shine and delivering both color and heat protection.  

The super ingredients are specifically chosen for their ability to help encourage existing hair growth, reduce hair shedding,  prevent breakage and split ends, smooth, strengthen, moisturize, add shine, and protect from free radicals for healthier hair and scalp.   Feeding your hair has never looked so good!


Delivers amazing texture, body and fullness, promoting hair growth, thickness and density.  Promotes healthy and shiny hair while reducing scalp inflammation and itchiness.  Helps reduce dandruff.  Helps restore hair and maintain elasticity while helping boost colour.  Protects against sun damage, heat and other environmental stressors.   Silicone Free, Phthalates Free, DEA/TEA Free, UV Protection.